Conference Schedule

Day 1

1.5 hours      The Breastfeeding Dyad:  Heal the Mother, Heal the Baby    Tow  ⅡPhysiology; Ⅲ Maternal pathology    

1.25 hours         Human Milk Production:  Just when you thought you knew . . .                                          Johnston  Ⅲ Maternal pathology


1.25 hours   The Breastfeeding Dyad:  Metabolic Function — Implications for Milk                               Supply    Tow   Ⅱ Physiology


1 hour        Still Swimming Upstream:  Breastfeeding in a Formula Feeding World                Johnston        ⅤPsychology/Sociology/Anthropology

1 hour        The Breastfeeding Dyad:  The Older Baby          Tow  Ⅰ Development & Nutrition   


1.5 hours           The Breastfeeding Dyad:  Seeing Babies —  Structure in the                                              Breastfeeding Infant       Tow  Ⅲ Pathology: infant



Day 2

1.5 hours    Developing Clinical Skills in Lactation            Johnston 

Ⅶ Clinical skills  

1 hour      The Breastfeeding Dyad:  The Poop Talk        Tow   
Ⅱ Physiology      

1.25 hours    Preventing the First Cesearan         Johnston  
Ⅴ Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology


1.5 hours     The Critical Role of the IBCLC:  Moving from Compensation to                                        Compentency in the Tongue-tied Baby          Tow  
Ⅲ Pathology: infant

1.5 hours           A Father’s Role in Breastfeeding           Johnston 
 Ⅴ Psychology/Sociology/Anthropology

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